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Enchanted Forest Union Craft Brewing IPA - Imperial / Double


Enchanted Forest Hazy DIPA is a nod to the ever-popular style and the long, lost Ellicott City theme park. Get lost in a delightful and triple dry-hopped escape that we're all yearning for. Developed by two of the biggest hazy fans at UNION- Brewer Dean & Packaging Manager Pink, this beer is going to take you on a long, enchanted journey.

Crack a can and take in the sweet and layered tropical fruit aromatics. The first sip hits you with massive pineapple, guava, and cantaloupe notes, followed by a second wave of lemon peel and orange marmalade. There are slight background notes of white grape, lemon kush dankness, and a bit of cherry on the tail end. The pillowy soft mouthfeel combined with a light body and dry, crispy finish leaves you begging for another sip!

(IPA) ABV 8.7%